About Samantha Jones...

Since I was a young child, I knew I could telepathically communicate with animals. My first experience was with my dachshund, Ripple. She was expecting her first litter of puppies and I was concerned for her safety because some of us kids were playing a little rough around her. I remember sitting on the ground with her, looking in her eyes and thinking in my head, “I’m afraid you and your babies are going to get hurt. Please go lay in your dog house until we are done playing.” To my astonishment, she turned around, walked back to her dog house and laid down. I was in shock but didn’t think much of it. I continued having these types experiences throughout my childhood. When I was an adult a friend of mine told me what I was doing was called Animal Communication. I started reading books  and practicing doing it on command and soon became a “pro” at talking to the animals. I have helped countless pet owners over the last 20 years locate missing pets, discover and fix issues their pets are facing, help comfort owners after the loss of a pet as well as communicate with a pet after his transition to the other side. 

 The story of how I learned I am also a medium, goes back to 2004 when my world crumbled after the sudden death of my mother. I have never felt that kind of emotional pain before or since. I fell into a very deep depression. I tried everything to help pull myself out of it... grief support groups, church groups, antidepressants, therapy...you name it, I tried it. Nothing helped me...until Highlan. Highlan was a psychic medium I had a reading from in 2002. I hadn’t spoken with her since that reading, but out of the blue in November 2005, Highlan phoned me to let me know she was available for readings. There she was just when I needed someone most. A couple of days later we met at her house and she connected to my mom almost instantly. Her reading did everything for me that none of those other things could... I was able to finally get closer after my moms death. Through Highlan my mom and I were both able to say what we needed to say and put some closure on things. Everything changed for me after that day. I felt alive again. I felt like I could accept what had happened and move on finally. And Highlan did that for me with her special gift. I have never been so grateful in my life. After that day I felt an even stronger bond with my mom. I learned to recognize the signs she was sending me and how to interpret them as messages. 

Over the next decade or so, my mom and her divine intervention, played a huge role in my life. I went through a painstaking divorce, moved back to my home state, spent 7 years caring for my grandmother, got remarried and started whole new life with my new husband, Danny. Throughout this time I always knew my mom was right there beside me each step of the way.  In 2017, I was helping a very sweet woman named Maureen with her sick cat by giving him Sub Q fluids and medication that she just couldn’t administer herself. On my second visit, as I was walking out the door, she asked if my mom or grandma had passed. I told her both and she responded with “They want you to know they are here with you and not to worry because you’re going to be ok!” I was going through a lot at that point in my life and I really needed to hear that. Over the next several days when I would visit to care for her cat, we would talk and she would tell me messages from my mom, amongst other things she felt. She knew my mom had brought us together for a reason and boy was she right!! One of things my mom told Maureen was that I have the gift to talk to the other side and that if I put it to use it could be very beneficial for me, as well as others that I could help with my gift. I really had no idea where to start so I did some research and found a few Facebook groups dedicated to helping people like me learn how to use their gifts.  This helped me a lot but I still felt like I wasn’t totally connecting. Then one night, I started looking through some of my husbands photo albums and started hearing things from people in the pictures that had crossed over. Over the next 4 hours, I communicated with every family member and friend that we could think of on the other side. Something changed in both my husband and myself after that night. 

My life changed drastically after that night. Now that the door to the spirit world was opening for me, I wanted to learn as much as possible about my new found gifts. I became obsessed with talking to as many spirits on the other side as possible. I joined a bunch of free reading pages on Facebook and did probably a couple hundred readings in less than a week. I think I was trying to prove to myself that this was actually happening to me. And I can proudly say in-fact it really was. The term spiritual awakening was not something I had heard of before that night. I had no idea at first but that’s exactly what I experiencing. And it changed my life!

I have learned so much in my short time as a medium and can’t wait to learn even more. I truly believe it is my purpose on this earth to help as many animals and humans as possible with my gifts. Some day I hope to write a book about what I have learned from the spirits and animals so hopefully more people can become enlightened as well. 

Samantha & her dog, Zuma
Samantha & her dog, Zuma