Medium & Psychic Readings

Medium Readings

During a medium reading, Samantha will contact with your loved ones who have passed. After showing Samantha a picture of the loved one you hope to connect with, she will give you a detailed reading about that spirit. Samantha will provide facts about your loved one that she could not possibly have known, such as particular events, nick names, special activities and the like. You will know it is your loved one she is connecting with. Once this is established, Samantha will provide the messages your loved one wishes to share with you and provide time for you to ask specific questions as well.

Psychic Readings

If you are looking for guidance about your life, such as career, relationships, finances, etc., than you are seeking a psychic reading. During a psychic reading, Samantha will connect to your energy, which contains information about you, your past, your present and your future. The intentions of a psychic reader are to bring awareness where needed, and to provide you with the best and highest guidance to help you move forward from current obstacles in your life. You will always have free will to make choices based upon what guidance you are receiving. Nothing is ever “set in stone”. Samantha will not tell you negative things such as when you will die or anything else that could bring unnecessary stress to your life. These readings are positive energy only... no dark or negative energy is ever brought into a reading. 

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