Animal Communication

Animal communication is using telepathy to have a conversation with an animal, alive or passed. Telepathy is often called "The Universal Language" and means ”feeling another soul and spirit over a distance”. Animals, including humans, share feelings with one another in order to communicate. My job is to basically act as a bridge between you and your pet by ”tuning in” to those feelings and translating them for you to answer all the questions you have about your pet. 

I ”tune in“ to a pet by viewing a picture of them and having you tell me their name. This information functions a little like the call letters of a radio station—tuning into the animal is like tuning into a radio station to hear their song being broadcast. Because we’re all energy, time and space aren’t relevant to communicating telepathically so sessions can be done in person, or from a distance. There is no difference in quality. I have clients all over the world that can attest to that.